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At Jim Oliver & Associates, you get extensive expertise
in medical, legal, real estate, trusts and estates.

Our multi-disciplinary team of CPAs and Financial
Professionals makes sure we see all the angles of your
financial picture. If we can’t address a concern, we’ll find
and manage the appropriate professionals to get the job
done. We’ll take a forward view, rather than a historical
view, to help you achieve your goals. 

Jim Oliver tax consultants

Team Oliver approach, tax tips

  Our comprehensive team approach means that there are
  always several professionals available who are familiar
  with your accounting and tax needs.

   Each of our professionals has a different area of expertise, but we
   work together to make sure you get the benefit of different points
   of view.

   You benefit by knowing that someone familiar with your tax and
   accounting needs will respond to your questions or concerns by
   the next business day.

Jim Oliver accounting, San Antonio, Texas

Jim Oliver tax consultants, our fee guarantee

  It is our desire to absolutely delight
  you with our service.

   If you are not absolutely delighted with the
   tax and accounting services we provide, you
   may reduce your invoice within thirty days of
   receipt by any amount that you believe is fair.

   The decision is yours. All we ask is a frank
   and open written explanation of your
   disappointment so that we can learn from the
   experience and do a better job in the future.

Jim Oliver, tax tips, audit protection

  You’ll get extensive audit protection
  with Team Oliver.

   We will represent you in case of an IRS
   audit. The Audit Protection tax team
   schedules all your audit appointments,
   reviews documentation, advocates your
   position, works to minimize penalties,
   and prepares any audit appeals!